The Robinamir Co. base on management technical science and its manpower, according to up to date requirements of Iran industry and market requirement put into operation different production lines in order to upgrade self-sufficiency in domestic industry which is one of our principle policy ( precise study of facilities of company industrial equipment and related companies).

Robinamir Co could gain valuable achievements in manufacturing vehicle parts with cooperation with leading vehicle manufacturer such as SIAPA,IRAN KHODRO.

This company has area of 11000 square meters for facilities such as different machine tools including grinder, single and multiple axle turning machines ,CNC , NC milling machine, heat treatment, with more than 90 trained and experienced manpower for commissioning other production lines, if requires.

Commissioned production line by Robinamir Company

  • Production line of fruit juice and concentrate ( name and date)
  • Vehicle body parts
  • Bevel gear, differential
  • Gearbox parts such as lever for gear change, pinion gear, low gear bush, gearbox shaft, and engine parts such as valve stem chain, tappet, shock absorber, motor cycle wheel chain and the other industrial parts.
  • Production line for bird slaughter house