The Robinamir Co. was established in 1984 .this Co has strived to play a crucial role in economic, social development and prosperity in the country with long experience in the management field and partnership in manufacturing, Commercial, Service Co.

This CO has developed its activities in three fields of production, services, and commerce with investment in all three fields. This Co cooperates with most leading companies in vehicle, food and gas, oil industries and also chemical and painting industries.

Managers and employees do their best to distribute the products with good quality according to world standards and famous trade marks in different industries to establish the best companies and subsequently achieve a good footstep in domestic, regional and world market.

Base on capability of research, engineering, technical employees and equipped laboratories, this company can render suitable services in quality control and engineering of export and import products. This company also could gain official cooperation of some leading European companies.
The Robinamir Company covers TAK MARKAZI Co (design and producers of vehicles parts) and HAMGAM ABZAR Co (producers of chemical materials especially paint and resin).


Partnership in manufacturing, Commercial, Service

Tak Markazi

Manufacturer of vehicle parts

Hamgam Abzar

Coating and vehicle body painting